“Overcome Challenges to Live with Passion and Purpose

This is an intriguing, captivating, inspirational story of a woman who just won’t take “no” for an answer. Marie Pizano is an example of how you can overcome challenges to live with passion and purpose, and realize your ambitions. Her story can help empower and motivate others to find their Yes.

Jack Canfield, Coauthor of the Chicken Soup for the Soul® series and The Success Principles™

“Become Productive, Successful, and Magnetic in Life”

The book “From Barefoot To Stilettos, It’s Not For Sissies” is a masterpiece. As a Pastor and Spiritual leader, reading this book has given me a different perspective concerning ministry. This book displays how an individual can use the inner strength, tenacity and drive within them to overcome the obstacles, trials and failures to become productive, successful, and magnetic in life. The encouraging aspects and the transparency is within itself phenomenal. I believe this book has the ability to encourage the discouraged, and renew the “I can do it spirit” of many that will be privileged to read this book. Marie Pizano is a woman who just will not give up. I pray the blessings of God will be upon this book and the readers thereof.

Bishop William S. Wright, Pastor / Liberty Church of God in Christ

“A Great Deal of Strength and Perseverance

Marie’s book, “From Barefoot to Stilettos, It’s Not for Sissies” is a very inspirational story. Her open and honest story of her journey through the trenches is a great read, and I would recommend it to anyone in need of a little extra motivation. She embodies many qualities that outstanding athletic teams strive for, and these qualities are definitely setting her up to win. She has showed, and continues to show, a great deal of strength and perseverance, and she has an exceptionally resilient spirit. She is undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with!

Josh Pastner, Head Coach Memphis Tigers Basketball

“The Passion and Commitment to Infuse Philanthropy”

On behalf of the Women’s Foundation for a Greater Memphis, we are honored to give commendations and recommendation to Marie Pizano as a dynamic leader, presenter and entrepreneur who also has the passion and commitment to infuse philanthropy in all that she endeavor. We are proud to know her as a friend, loyal leader and go get it woman. She has served on the board of directors and led fundraising events to raise dollars to support low income women and children in Memphis.

Ruby Bright, Executive Director of Women’s Foundation for a Greater Memphis

“Flourish at any Opportunity or Challenge

Marie Pizano has done an excellent job in creating a company that aroused the interest in our community. She has helped the city start an opportunity to become a center for movie & TV production. Marie has also established a business model based on a strong ethic and professional operations. She has a wide range of support from those that see her business as a viable investment and important to the community. Marie has a strong character and one that would flourish at any opportunity or challenge she is presented with. I would highly recommend Marie to anyone interested in her work.

Pat Halloran, President and CEO of the Orpheum Theatre

“Her Persistence and Unbreakable Spirit Ensure”

Marie Pizano is a highly determined, focused and tenacious businesswoman. She successfully create a multi-faceted company, through hard work and careful planning, in the entertainment industry. As a lifelong Memphian, I can say that Marie has done an incredible job of garnering support from local businesses and business leaders. Her persistence and unbreakable spirit ensure that she will thrive in and situation. Marie will be a valuable asset to any company or project she pursues.

Duncan Williams, President of Duncan-Williams, Inc.

“Driven to Prove to the World that She Can”

The inspiring first person story of a woman driven to prove to the world that she can.

Morgan Freeman,  Golden Globe Award Winner and a Member of Screen Actors Guild

“Highly Regarded in the Memphis business community”

I’ve worked very closely with Marie over the past years and I’m impressed. She is incredibly well networked and highly regarded in the Memphis business community regarded in the Memphis business community and is always thinking about how to bring in business and investment.

Jeffrey M. Cohen,  President & CEO of Voyage-Air Guitar, CEO of Halt Medical

Marie Pizano

About Marie

Marie Pizano, a native Chicagoan, has called Memphis, Tennessee home since 1999. Marie has served on several charitable organizations since moving to the Bluff City. She served as a board member of the International Children’s Foundation and the Women’s Foundation for Memphis, and The Commission on Missing & Exploited Children. She was co-founder of the Tiara Tea Society and was the Chair for Go Red for Women.


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